Global Management Consultancy

  • Client
  • One of the world’s leading management consultancies. 30,000 people. 65 countries.
  • Focus
  • 1 : Many
  • Objective
  • To drive as many leads as possible on a small campaign budget
  • Strategy
  • No money? Think harder…

The challenge

This top five global management consultancy produces an agenda-setting forecast for the energy sector every year.

They needed the report to get into as many C-suite hands as possible across the globe – but after the report was produced, there was little left in the pot to pay for a campaign.

So how do you generate global engagement without global budgets?

Enlisting the super-super influencers

We needed to think laterally to reach our audiences – meaning route one via LinkedIn was out.

But this wasn’t a case of exposure for exposure’s sake, any programmatic activity would need to be carefully managed to protect the brand.

Quora, Twitter and Google Display were all effective, but didn’t give us quite the reach we needed. So we turned to the super-super influencers.

Using a follower intersect methodology, we identified the mavens who offered the greatest potential for visibility within our highest value audiences.

We provided them exclusive early access to the report, in exchange for their perspectives to share within our client’s marketing materials.

On the day of launch, alongside low-cost paid activity, internal stakeholders were equipped with conversation starters and assigned their own communities of interest.

The results

  • • The campaign had an audience reach of 1.3 million.
  • • 1656 high quality MQLs converted into 365 SALs in the three month period following campaign launch.
  • • The real headline? The bang for buck on lead acquisition. The average CPC was £0.15 and the average MQL cost, just £3.29.


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