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Achieving cut-through with a hard-to-resist content offer


The LexisNexis GLP Index pulls together the latest data to provide powerful growth predictions across the legal profession – a high-profile quarterly publication event that provides helpful hints as to where law firms should invest or reposition.

A new approach was required to augment the GLP report and create a new rich brand experience.

Contentology translated the data insights into a high-value, personalised report for C-level audiences – while creating a new lead generation vehicle for board-level conversations.


  • New C-level contact and conversation opportunities fed through to account strategy development teams, underpinned by unprecedented levels of account profile and intelligence.
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Our partnership with the Contentology team has enabled us to co-create strategies to drive the innovation agenda within the marketing group. A team of true problem solvers ready to grasp complexity and go the extra mile to get the outcome.

Matthew Leopold, Head of Brand, PR and Content, LexisNexis


The core of the campaign strategy was to provide a new capability for managing partners of UK law firms. A means to instantly benchmark their own firm performance against industry averages, at a firm-wide and individual practice area level.

The resulting online benchmarking questionnaire and report provided a highly valuable set of personalised quantitative insights but also context-specific qualitative recommendations. Data translated into valuable insight – all in an instant.

The seamless user experience was no mean feat given the complex martech challenges and layers of data complexity.

A powerful UX that continued through to an email nurture strategy built upon user response segmentation.


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