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A go-to-market transformation


NSS is the UK’s leading specialist services supplier – from building maintenance to cleaning, platform hire and equipment testing.

A strong reputation for high-quality service provision had always generated impressive organic growth, but the leadership team recognised that a new strategy was required to achieve its next ambitious phase.

Contentology was appointed as the lead partner to help transform NSS’s content and digital marketing capabilities.


  • Average cash-on-cash ROI from all programme streams: £1 spend for £11.50 return
  • Demand capture programme produced a 77% increase in year-on year SQLs generated, at a 22% reduction in cost per lead
  • SQL conversion rates operating at an average conversion rate of 3.91% (1% industry benchmark)
  • Key account growth was transformed through the design and build of a new content-driven lead generation and sales intelligence capability
  • Revitalised organic social media strategy achieved a 54% year-on-year lift in CTR engagement metrics and a 104% increase in followers.
demand-gen Demand generation
lead-gen Lead generation
demand-capture Demand capture
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The ability to strategically plan around a predictable new business pipeline from our marketing programmes has been a game changer. The content and digital marketing capabilities provided by Contentology enable us to scale with confidence.

Eugene Boyle, Group Commercial Director


Contentology designed and implemented GTM programmes of every flavour- demand capture, lead generation and demand generation.

Different service areas and sub-sectors required a different strategy focus – with pilot activity built on an MVP martech stack.

We used pareto principles to identify and scale the highest-performing variables across audiences, messaging, offers, content topics and channels.

New platform capabilities included:

CRM synchronised with a highly advanced multi-touch lead attribution model for 100% ROI visibility across all inbound channels.

An ABM strategy and platform framework successfully replicated across multiple market environments and sectors.


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