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A truly purposeful content strategy


Oxera, a pan-European economics and finance consultancy, is committed to the idea of sustainable business. It wanted to create a new thought leadership platform to demonstrate the value of more purposeful capitalism to its clients and prospects.

Before the campaign could begin it became clear that Oxera’s website and existing content strategy would require rethinking to allow the new campaign the space it needed to grow.


  • Visits to the newly realigned ‘Agenda’ content hub saw an uplift of over 900% just three months after its launch
  • New podcast series secured Google and Facebook among the first guests.
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Contentology works with our editorial team to produce compelling content that has helped transform our digital strategy. It is a rarity to work with a content partner who can translate complex concepts into actionable insights for our audiences.

Stevie Dixon, Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager


Since 2005, Oxera had become known for Agenda, its monthly in-depth look at some of the most pertinent economic issues of the day.

Agenda had a loyal audience and was a strong vehicle for the business, but it had no real home – every other content campaign from Oxera, from its in-depth Brexit analysis to its regular sector-led articles sat together with Agenda within a generic content section.

We recommended a realignment of Agenda; raising it to the level of a content brand, redefining the web structure and enabling all new content campaigns to spin-out from its core purpose; to bring key issues into focus.

A new microsite was created, with ‘Beyond the Bottom Line’, the new sustainable business campaign, the first to flourish under the Agenda banner.

Since its launch, Agenda has become home to the same in-depth articles it was always known for, but now incorporates a new podcast, video and long-form content, as well as additional spin-off campaigns including Oxera’s Shockwave series and its now annual Women In Economics series, marking International Women’s Day.


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