• Client
  • Sibelco: Global minerals business with a history spanning 150 years
  • Focus
  • 1: Few
  • Objective
  • Convert key target accounts
  • Strategy
  • Clustered ‘lite’ ABM with impact

The challenge

Sibelco’s new Olidense product is special. A highly dense heavy aggregate, it can increase concrete strength by 50% and reduce costs by €2.20 per tonne – a potentially massive saving for heavy infrastructure projects on and offshore.

Sibelco’s sales team needed an ‘in’ with procurement, engineering and operations contacts in 13 of the world’s leading construction companies.

Getting to know you… 

Working closely with Sibelco, Contentology investigated each of the companies in turn; from any past engagements with the business, to their strategic initiatives, recent contract wins, operational specialisms and brand values.

An Olidense campaign was created with landing pages, content assets and messaging tailored to each business – and each role. A complex paid social, search and remarketing strategy, including geo-fenced Google Display ads, delivered personalised ads to key decision makers, pivoting quickly based on behavioural insights.

Scorecards monitoring campaign engagement were created to support sales follow-up.  

The result was a cost-efficient approach to ABM that delivered a common set of activities, with an impactful level of account-specific personalisation.

The results

    • • 23% of MQLs converted into SALs
    • • Pipeline of €7 million generated 
    • • CTRs for the personalised messages hit 3x the industry benchmark.
    • • Bid adjustment strategies led to a 78% reduction in required media budget.


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