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A reliable and consistent EMEA enterprise acquisition model


Visier is the globally recognised leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered businesses.

The regional demand generation team needed a partner to support net new acquisition and growth of enterprise clients in Europe, The Middle East and Africa.


  • Consistent run rate of enterprise leads per month
  • New PPC strategy that exponentially increased website traffic and inbound lead generation.
demand-gen Demand generation
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Our strategic partnership with Contentology has enabled us to take our demand gen programmes to new levels. We’ve been able to deploy innovative GTM approaches to accelerate our pipeline and time-to-revenue.

David Halliwell, Demand Generation Manager EMEA


The EMEA team had to move quickly to support pipeline growth. A multichannel demand generation programme architecture was developed to:

  • Cost efficiently reach personas within enterprise buying groups across multiple industries and countries
  • Scale up multiple threads of always-on paid promotion that catered to all buying cycle stages and channel/ messaging variations for different locations
  • Rapidly deploy campaign assets while integrating with global MOps protocols and processes
  • Support high-profile regional events with digital promotion campaigns.


  • linkedin
  • x
  • googleads
  • meta
  • stackadapt


  • adobe
  • demandbase
  • googleanalytics
  • highspot