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Securing C-level meetings – and unprecedented levels of sales intel


Our programme with Pearson TQ started well. Using the hook of the Apprenticeship Levy – a Government initiative to boost apprenticeships in England – we delivered a number of segmented, content-driven campaigns that generated a high volume of leads within multiple audiences.

But our testing programme revealed something interesting. A persona who held the key to decision making. We wanted more of them – and to know much more about them.


  • 276 marketing leads and 23 C-Level meetings amongst the UK’s top employers within the first 12 weeks
  • Lead generation and nurture on autopilot for the next 12 months
  • A high value, personalised brand experience
  • Unprecedented productivity gains for pipeline opportunity management.
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Contentology is an invaluable resource for our lead generation programmes. From researching and building target audience profiles to developing innovative new content strategies and introducing us to the latest martech platforms.

Adrian Lloyd-Brown, Senior Growth Marketing Manager


A new campaign targeted specifically at Learning & Development Managers was devised. One which catered to varying levels of market maturity, and required prospects to self-qualify themselves, under the guise of a benchmarking assessment.

Alongside BANT questions on their need states and spending potential, we assessed participants on their preparedness for the Levy and their relationships with existing training partners.

Their reward was a graded score on their readiness to deliver apprenticeships successfully alongside a personalised report offering advice on their identified gaps.

Nurture (email and remarketing) was segmented into eight separate comms streams, each containing new content relevant to the need states of participants, based on a complex scoring architecture.


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